The Healthy Communities programme aims to increase the uptake of bowel, breast and cervical cancer screening across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, as well as working on the prevention of cancer by promoting initiatives such as encouraging stopping smoking.

What we are working to achieve through this programme of work is:

  • Cancer Champion Mariam in Peel Park July 2023 #2.png.jpgMore people surviving cancer and living longer
  • A stage shift in cancer diagnosis, which means more people being diagnosed earlier
  • More eligible people taking up their invitation to cancer screening
  • Greater awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle

For more information on national bowel, breast and cervical screening programmes, visit the NHS England website on screening and earlier diagnosis.

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We also work with the regional patient-led charity, the Yorkshire Cancer Community, to recruit people in local communities to become cancer champions, who share health messages which promote cancer prevention and early diagnosis.

This programme of work is called Cancer SMART.

To find out more about becoming a cancer champion, visit the Cancer SMART area of the Yorkshire Cancer Community website.

A series of podcasts called produced by the Yorkshire Cancer Community, called You CANcervive, is also available.

Smoking Cessation Services:

There is lots of help and support available in our region to help people stop smoking:

NHS Stop Smoking Service - Yorkshire Smokefree

Home | Leeds Stop Smoking Services

Support to Quit - Living Well (

Stop Smoking | Kirklees Wellness Service

The Health Inequalities/Healthy Communities Programme Manager is Hayley Snowden.

For more information, email: