Project Management and Administrative support for the Cancer Alliance Optimal Pathway Groups are managed by the team members below.

Click on the OPG links below to learn more about the specific group(s) they each support and how to contact them.

For general enquiries, contact the Administrative Support Officers on 07881 359133

Ingrid Ablett-Spence.png           Ingrid Ablett Spence, Programme Manager

           Pathway Groups: All


           Mobile:   07929 368219




        Charlotte Houston.jpg    Charlotte Houston, Project Manager

            Pathway Groups: Breast; Colorectal; Gynaecology; Skin; Urology


            Mobile: 07970 276036



Lucy Beckingham.jpg           Lucy Beckingham, Project Manager

           Pathway Groups: Haematology; Head and Neck; Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic (HPB)                 Lung; Upper GI


           Mobile: 07774 556138




         Claire MoroneyClaire Moroney.jpgAdministration Officer

         Pathway Groups Supported: Breast; Colorectal; Gynae; Skin; Urology

         Other Support: Sarcoma Advisory Group (minutes); Endoscopy Network (minutes)

         Mobile: 07881 359133

Rosalyn Keepence.jpg        Rosalyn Keepence, Administration Officer

        Pathway Groups Supported: Haematology; Head and Neck; HPB; Lung; UGI

        Other Support: Palliative End of Life Group (minutes)                                                                             

        Mobile: 07876 581498