Administrative and project support for the Cancer Alliance Optimal Pathway Groups has transferred to a dedicated team based at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.

The team, pictured left, will help to support and progress the work being delivered by the OPGs.

Click on the names of team members below to learn more about the specific group(s) they each support and how to contact them.

For general enquiries, contact the Administrative Support Officers on 07881 359133.

Randolph Haggerty

Programme Manager

Optimal Pathway Group: Colorectal

07774 555566

Lucy Beckingham

Project Manager

Pathway Groups: Head and Neck; Lung

07774 556138

Ruth Lush

Project Manager

Pathway Groups: Gynaecology; Urology

07774 556230

Craig Watkins

Project Manager

Pathway Groups: Breast; Upper GI

07774 556142

Susan Lacey

Project Support Officer

Pathway Group: HPB

07774 556310

Judith Churley

Administrative Support Officer

Pathway Groups: Lung; Upper GI; Breast

07774 556642

Claire Moroney

Administrative Support Officer

Pathway Groups: Gynaecology; Colorectal; Urology

07881 359133