Dr Rengabashyam is a Senior Consultant Radiologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. She is also the Lead Clinician for the Breast Multidisciplinary Team in Leeds.  

"Importantly, I am a wife and proud mum of two teenagers," said Dr Rengabashyam. "Going on long walks and reading history, philosophy and politics are my favorite hobbies."


As a breast radiologist, Dr Rengabashyam is involved in detecting breast cancer in its early stages through the screening programme, using cutting edge technology such as tomosynthesis. She can also perform non-surgical excision of high risk breast lesions which can potentially lead to cancer formation.

She is also part of a group that offers MRI guided breast biopsies to other hospitals in the north of England.

Said Dr Rengabashyam: "I am unblinking in my ambition to drive up the quality of breast cancer services in the region, to reduce variation in service provision and to improve outcomes and enhance patient experience.  

"As a leader, I am passionate about tackling these challenges through pooling the collective intelligence of all stakeholders, harnessing their unique perspectives and creating the conditions to bring about innovation and driving policies through consensus and cooperation."