Optimal Pathway Groups

Our Optimal Pathway Groups are bringing together clinicians, managers, commissioners and patients to ensure the achievement of best possible outcomes for patients. They take a whole pathway approach from prevention through treatment to living with and beyond cancer.

There are currently eight tumour site Optimal Pathway Groups (OPGs) - Breast; Colorectal; Gynaecology; Head and Neck; Lung; Hepatobiliary (HPB); Upper Gastrointestinal (GI) and Urology.

Click on each of the links above to view information specific to each individual OPG.

Each of the Optimal Pathway Groups is led by a Clinical Director. Click here for more information.

Their work is being overseen by the newly-constituted Clinical Advisory Board. More information here.

There are currently vacancies for a Clinical Director for Skin and Haematology. Click here for more information and to view the Role Description.

Administrative and project support for the Optimal Pathways Groups has now transferred to a dedicated team, hosted by Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust. The team helps to support and progress the work being developed by the OPGs. Click here for more information about team members and their contact details.

The schedule of forthcoming OPG meetings - attendance by invitation only - is provided below. Please check with the relevant OPG lead, as the schedule is subject to change.

OPG schedule.jpg.png


Charlotte Houston, Sean Duffy, Katie Lees, Ingrid Ablett Spence Breast Optimal Pathway Mtng 26th November 2019.jpgFor further information and enquiries relating to the Optimal Pathway Groups, please contact 07881 359133.

Programme management oversight remains with Ingrid Ablett-Spence, Cancer Alliance Optimal Pathways Programme Manager (far right). Also pictured are Charlotte Houston, Project Manager, (far left); Cancer Alliance Lead Professor Sean Duffy and Programme Analyst Katie Lees. Email: i.ablett-spence@nhs.net or call 07929 368219.