On 26th July our LWBC team held a Focus Group at Church House, Leeds, for CNSs and Cancer Care Co-ordinators to discuss and move forward the implementation of the Recovery Package across the region. In total 43 staff attended the event including CNSs/CCCs from all six acute trusts and from a mix of all tumour groups, as well as some other professionals and project managers. The event involved looking at the benefits and barriers to implementing Holistic Needs Assessments and Care Plans at the end of cancer treatment; agreeing definitions around the Recovery Package and starting a conversation with the CNSs and CCCs about how to establish the use of Treatment Summaries across the region. There was excellence participation and contribution from the audience, with teams reporting that they benefited from listening to and learning from each other. Some feedback from the attendees included the following:

“The highlight was all getting together to discuss the issues and sharing experiences from other trusts.”

“Reassuring to know that what we are doing is on the right track.”

“It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone struggling to do HNAs and Treatment Summaries.”

“The room was committed to implementation.”

“I found the session fun and informative in a relaxed environment…now I just need to start putting it into practice!”

There was real engagement in the room which I could absolutely sense.”

“Treatment Summaries are not as complicated as I thought.”

“It’s reassuring to know we can have our own version of documents and that we all have the same concerns.”

“One of the most important parts was around the patient views of HNAs and Treatment Summaries.”

“Thanks for hosting an interesting and informative session. Very enjoyable and well presented – thank you very much.”

Information from this event will be used to inform a Recovery Package Implementation Day on 11th October, where different professionals including GPs, oncologists, surgeons and patients will come together with CNSs and CCCs to take forward the various elements of the Recovery Package across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. A more detailed report about the focus group meeting will also be written and made available on the Cancer Alliance Website.

HJ 30.7.18