A £60,000 grant scheme to support the increasing number of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis has been launched this week (August 1) by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance.

Successful applicants - particularly those demonstrating partnership working across organisations and communities - could secure up to £10,000 each to help patients manage their own conditions at the end of treatment - known as 'supported self management'.

This is a model of care where patients are helped to manage the impact of their condition closer to home, with access to clinical teams when they need it and with the right information, education and support.

The WYH Cancer Alliance patient education bursary scheme is now in its third year. Organisations and/or individuals working in GP surgeries or the community; in hospitals or specialist services, in voluntary organisations and charities, are invited to share their projects, apply for funding and explain how they could make a difference. 

Closing date for applications is Friday 19th August 2022 at 5pm.

In the previous two years, successful projects have included:

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust: Cancer Services Website and Patient Video

The Trust's dedicated cancer services website includes a Virtual Cancer Nurse Specialist (CNS) area, where patients can access videos covering:

  • Airedale mobile cancer care unit.jpgUnderstanding your cancer patient journey
  • What will the treatment be?
  • When will I start treatment?
  • Will I be cured with the treatment?
  • Useful weblinks downloadable PDFs and other resources recommended by the CNS team

The website can be accessed here

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust: Patient Support App

A digital platform providing access to pre-habilitation and personalised care plans; virtual appointments and information on local services and specific tumour types, the accessible app has been co-designed with patients and enables people to access support and information at a time that's right for them, at the touch of a button.

Health and well-being support, such as dietary guidance and tips on physical activity and how to stay active, is also available, along with personal strategies for how to manage the rollercoaster of emotions that are often experienced by cancer patients.

Other benefits of the app include direct links to the regularly-updated cancer pages on the CHFT website and the ability to view and access the wide range of ‘virtual’ courses and programmes offered by the hospital-based Macmillan Information and Support Service. These include First Steps for newly-diagnosed patients; Thinking Ahead, for patients with incurable cancer and their family members, and iHope – Help Overcoming Problems Effectively. Peer support through informal walking groups and ‘coffee and chat’ support groups is also offered.

The CHFT Cancer Support App is available to download through the APP Store and Google Play.

Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust: Online Skin Cancer Patient Support Pack

An interactive IT platform and podcast, including:

  • diagnosis information
  • sun safety guidelines
  • skin and lymph node checks
  • how to access and reaccess services.
  • cosmetic concerns
  • insurance and financial advice

In September 2021,  the project was a Finalist and Commended in the Quality In Care (QIC) Awards in association with Dermatology In Practice, in the category of Dermatology Education Programmes for People with Skin Conditions and/or their Families and Carers

More information about the support pack can be found here

Once again in 2022/2023, bursaries will be awarded to support the development of education and information designed to ensure that patients feel confident and supported to embark on supported self-management; to manage the potential longer-term mental and physical consequences of their cancer and treatment, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle which supports their overall health and wellbeing. The bursary funding was secured from NHS England by the Cancer Alliance as part of its delivery plan for 2022/2023.

woman running Andrew Dinh.jpgThe NHS Long Term Plan, published in 2019, endorses the move  to supported self-management, and the improved patient experience that can come from replacing unnecessary hospital visits and outpatient appointments, where safe and appropriate, with access to support services closer to home in the local community. 

The WYH Cancer Alliance ambition is to see an overall increase in the overall number of patients on appropriate supported self management pathways and to empower all cancer patients through education.

To ensure equitable access to the bursary across the West Yorkshire and Harrogate area, applications will be reviewed on an acute Trust footprint, with a maximum of £10,000 potentially available to each area. Local system integrated working and collaboration with local partners (including the voluntary sector and charitable organisations) is encouraged.

Bursaries can be awarded to support service redesign, innovative working, service evaluation or provision of patient information that will positively impact on the delivery of patient education to support self-management.

Learn more about the 2022/23 bursary scheme and download the application form

Rebecca Stokes
Rebecca Stokes
Programme Manager, Living With And Beyond Cancer and Patient/Carer Experience, WYH Cancer Alliance
“Our aim in the programme team is to ensure that patients have the best possible care across their entire cancer journey, from pre diagnosis to post treatment.. This means ensuring their needs are supported; that they have information available on how to self-manage their condition, how and where to re-access support when needed. It's about ensuring a holistic approach to providing support, beyond just clinical needs. We are working hard to promote supported self-management for patients which includes care closer to home. The previous two bursary schemes have generated some really creative and innovative projects, improving the support on offer in the region and ensuring good practice is shared across teams, organisations and geographies. We are proud to be launching this innovative bursary again, bringing everyone one step closer to our goals of personalised care for all cancer patients. We’re looking forward to this year’s applications.”