High Quality Patient Services Work Programme

Cancer patients should experience the same high levels of service quality and outcomes, irrespective of where they receive their care and treatment.

The national cancer strategy - Achieving World Class Outcomes, a Strategy for England, 2015-2020 - sets out a number of recommendations which are specific to developing cancer treatment services which are of a consistently high quality across the country.

More specifically, Recommendation 78 sets out the expectation that Cancer Alliances will draw together relevant partners to agree measures which address across their own geographical areas the unacceptable variations in the incidence of cancer; cancer care and treatment; patient experience and survival rates.

We will work with colleagues in NHS England to ensure that we have care and treatment pathways which make the best use of scarce resources and specialist expertise to ensure the very best experience and outcomes for our populations and to drive out those unnecessary variations.

The main purpose of the WYH Cancer Alliance's High Quality Services project group is to develop proposals for improvements in the delivery of high quality cancer treatment services, incorporating strong clinical engagement and leadership, working to the best available research and evidence.

Involving Patients

The involvement of patients is fundamental to the delivery of the Cancer Alliance work programme. Each of our project groups has been asked to produce a communications and engagement plan which supports their specific business objectives and aligns with the overarching Alliance communications and engagement strategy.

They will each be supported in this work by the Patient Experience Project Group, which is looking at the development of new and innovative approaches to ensure patient experience is a driver for service improvement and is also viewed on a par with clinical outcomes.

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Specific objectives of the High Quality Services Group are:

  • To develop and share protocols for how multi-disciplinary teams MDTs) work to best effect, making better use of the scarce clinical resource and improving the treatment pathways followed by patients.

Click here to read the Cancer Research UK report - Meeting Patients' Needs : Improving The Effectiveness of Multi Disciplinary Team Meetings in Cancer Services

  • To encourage multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) to give specific consideration to appropriate pathways of care for patients with metastatic and other complex cancers.
  • To work with NHS England and neighbouring health and care partnerships to explore the scope for new ways of working and different service delivery models in areas such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy or specialised surgery, using best evidence and data to improve outcomes for patients.
  • To look at the flexible use of palliative and end of life care services across the region to assess the scope to provide further support for people to be managed at or close to home, away from the acute hospital environment.
  • Develop and monitor metrics that deliver the best outcomes for patients - for example, analysis of one year survival rates.
  • To work with the West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (providing hospital services) and NHS England to support the delivery of the operational targets for 62-day and 31-day cancer waiting times.
  • For nominated clinical leads to support a review and update of the full set of clinical guidelines across the Cancer Alliance, thereby complying with the national Quality Surveillance Team standards, ensuring consistent approaches and standards.

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