Healthy Communities and Cancer Prevention

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Smoking and unhealthy weight cause 15% and 8% of   cancers respectively.

 This new programme of Cancer Alliance work aims to   help people live healthier lives by targeting these cancer   risk factors as well as others, including physical   inactivity and alcohol consumption throughout (and   before) the cancer pathway.

 The programme is closely allied to the work of the West   Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s   Prevention Network and Smokefree Forum, the Regional Tobacco Community of Improvement, the Alliance’s Tackling Lung Cancer Programme and NHS England's programme of Targeted Lung Health Checks.

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Smoking is known to cause 16 different types of cancer and is the biggest preventable cause of cancer. Evidence consistently shows that   smoking exacerbates health inequalities because prevalence is highest amongst those communities already suffering poor health and other disadvantages. 

To reduce the burden of cancer on our local communities, we are  investing heavily in prevention, screening and awareness raising, with a  particular focus on tobacco control. By working together with all the  organisations in our health and care partnership, we believe we have a  much better chance of reducing the incidence of lung cancer, treating it  more effectively and reducing the longer term impact  on people's lives.

Although smoking prevalence is slowly decreasing, and almost 100,000 people across Yorkshire & Humber successfully quit during the pandemic, further work is needed to help people quit and reduce the associated preventable deaths and illness. The Cancer Alliance is  committed to the NHS Smokefree Pledge and Smokefree Action Roadmap.

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Click on the image, left, to view the video Five Top Tips for Stopping Smoking

Click here to access Yorkshire Smokefree to help and support you in quitting today.


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Other Ways To Prevent Cancer

Yorkshire and the Humber has among the highest proportion of overweight and obese adults and children in the country, and this is increasing. The Healthy Communities programme works with stakeholders across the health and care system to tackle the system-wide determinants of unhealthy weight across West Yorkshire and Harrogate.

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If you have any questions about the Healthy Communities Programme or would like to find out more, please email Healthy Communities Project Manager, Hayley Snowden,