The work of our Cancer Alliance is supported by a range of documents which provide information about our ambitions, our work and how we conduct our business. Please see below.

In addition, you can click here to read the reports of Cancer Alliance events.

Those providing care and support to those living with and beyond cancer can also view relevant documents by clicking here.

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance Plan On A Page 2019/2020

West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance Delivery Plan 2017/2018 and 2018/2019

Alliance Matters e-bulletin March/April 2019

Alliance Matters e-bulletin May/June 2019

Alliance Matters e-bulletin July/August 2019

Alliance Matters e-bulletin September/October 2019


Cancer Alliance Communications and Engagement Strategy - click here to access the strategy approved by the Cancer Alliance Board in December 2019, and the accompanying Board paper

Alliance Board Agendas and Minutes - Last 12 Months

Board Terms of Reference

Agenda 10th January 2018

Minutes 10th January 2018

Agenda 13th March 2018

Minutes 13th March 2018

Agenda 9th May 2018

Minutes 9th May 2018

Agenda 4th July 2018

Minutes 4th July 2018

Agenda 12th September 2018

Minutes 12th September 2018

Agenda 30th October 2018

Minutes 30th October 2018

Agenda 23rd January 2019

Minutes 23rd January 2019

Agenda 20th March 2019

Minutes 20th March 2019

Agenda 8th May 2019

Minutes 8th May 2019

Agenda 3rd July 2019

Minutes 3rd July 2019

Agenda 10th September 2019

Minutes 10th September 2019

Agenda 13th December 2019

Minutes 13th December 2019

Agenda 28th February 2020

Minutes 28th February 2020

Agenda 24th April 2020

Minutes 24th April 2020

Agenda 26th June 2020

Minutes 26th June 2020

Letter regarding six month objectives agreed by the Cancer Alliance Board - September 2020

Minutes 4th September 2020

Agenda 6th November 2020

Minutes 6th November 2020 - will be uploaded once approved